Thursday, August 12, 2004
  The new summer/autumn 2004 issue of Circumference - poetry in translation - has a banner across the cover saying EMBARGOED!, and the issue begins with a section called Embargoed! Poetry from Cuba and Iran.In an editorial they say that "In response to OFAC's decision, we announced our plans to dedicate a substantial portion of this issue to the poetry of these (embargoed) nations and their translations." www.circumferencemag.com
The poems include a selection of haiku- like nature poems by Iranian poet Abbas Kiarostami, translated by Farnoosh Fathi:

the honeybee
is stunned
by the scent
of an unfamiliar flower

this time
the wild gees land
on slashed reeds

a hundred obedient soldiers
enter the barracks
early one moonlit night

unruly dreams

a passerby's footprints in snow
out in an errand?
is he coming back?
the same way?
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poetry from countries currently embargoed by the us, and discussion of the poets, poems, and embargoes

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