Saturday, May 08, 2004
  This blog will feature poetry and information about poets from the countries currently embargoed by the United States. These poets are embargoed as well, as it is illegal to edit or present their work in the US. I would love to hear from anyone who has translations, interviews, articles, website or book suggestions - Countries we will consider for now are Cuba, Libya, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, North Korea.
Here is a poem I wrote on returning from Cuba, and a poem by a wonderful Cuban poet, from Trinidad, written in response:

someone said to love your country
someone said thou shalt not kill
someone said to love your neighbor as yourself
someone said you can't go there but
someone said to follow your heart
someone said it isn't possible
someone said yes it is
yes it is

Manuel Alberto Garcia Alonso wrote:
Here we are, in the hope and love of our friendship.
Here we are, with the sound inside of our hearts
Here we are, happy like the new world,
a world without darkness and fury.
Here we are, in the hands of love,
the sweet love of the earth

Two countries,
and the air, and the fragrance,
and the smiles of justice.

Yes, my verses are all truth and joy. 
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poetry from countries currently embargoed by the us, and discussion of the poets, poems, and embargoes

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